Saturday, May 30, 2009

Always there and Smiling

The things I remember about Lucy are that she was always there and smiling. She always made me feel welcome and accepted. Even in past years when I really felt like I was struggling she would put her arm around me and I really felt loved. That is really a priceless gift. I never heard her bad mouth anyone and you did hear her stand up for what is right and proper. I like that she would always be up for anything--she loved adventures. She has been a role model for me. I love you Mrs. Batchelor!

Jennifer Zoellner

A tribute to Lucy Batchelor

My Mom, Lucy Batchelor, is resting tonight at a hospice facility in Pinellas Park, Florida. She was admitted there yesterday afternoon after spending a few days at St. Pete General Hospital due to an advanced case of Diffuse Large B-Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, diagnosed just 10 days ago.
Her rapid decline after diagnosis has been shocking to us all, and this blog is a way for everyone who knows Lucy to publish their tributes, prayers, precious memories, and pictures of her. Please notify any of her friends and relatives that you know and ask them to contribute to this blog which will be read to her as the messages come in and published in a book for her family.

Kathy Terry