Monday, June 1, 2009

Second Mom

Lucy..........I remember our 1979 trip to Florida as one of the best road trips of my life!!!! You put up with my driving....we chatted the whole way........and you made me feel "not quite so nervous" about the whole move to Florida. You always had a way of looking at life very practically and it calmed my nerves. I especially remember stopping at "South of the Border" with you know I still have that very first beach towel I bought there??? Wow, what memories!!!

I needed a second mom in Florida, since my mom was so far away, and you were like that to me. Very welcoming, with a lovely sincere laugh that reminded me of home.

As years went on, your example of a hard-working, strong but loving wife/mother added to my mental list of "that's how I want to be". Even tho' you may not have known it.....your example helped me make my way in the adult world. You appeared to me as a good example of Philippians 4:13...."I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"........and I can't thank you enough for that example.

Thank you for your influence in my life.......the love you showed me.......and the knowledge that I had a second mom in Florida when I needed one. I love you!!! Cindy Drew

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